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The following film contains scenes which may cause viewers of a sensitive disposition to cry, weep, sob, wail, howl, bawl, bleat or mewl.
a Virgin Airlines disclaimer, quoted in Why We Cry on Planes

When I can, I drive somewhere by myself far away and I cry while I drive, because I’m tired, not physically but entirely, and for a long time and come back and everything will be better.

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Since the third or fourth week of Ana, I’ve been thinking about shook foil.

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it’s only with Robinson that I have actually felt what it must be like to live with a sense of the divine.
Mark O’Connell, in the New Yorker, “Why I Love Marilynne Robinson

This is why I love Housekeeping and, especially, Gilead. There, that; that’s what art’s for.

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I would say, for the moment, that community, at least community larger than the immediate family, consists very largely of imaginative love for people we do not know or whom we know very slightly.
Marilynne Robinson in “Imagination and Community,” as quoted

Yes. Yes, again and again and again and again, day after day after day. And I guess that’s okay.

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Today I wanted to do handsprings.

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