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Fabulous artificer.

— Hello! It’s young Dedalus! What’s up?
— The sky is up, Brother Michael said.
James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The top photo looks a lot like one from a momentous day in August. That mending-day was Day 3 of three decision days: the morning after writing that post, I turned in my withdrawal from study abroad and chose to go back to school at home. So glad I did.

Bon Iver – Beth / Rest (Work Drugs Remix) by Work Drugs

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Amateur pictures of inanimate objects.

I wish I could show you this cookie sheet for real. It’s scratched and stained and mine.

We’ll pretend that’s some kind of deep statement and find some fromaggi-ay.

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Raise their hands.

And the people bowed and prayed
Oh! I love you a lot; Oh! I love you from the top of my heart
And you can see through my mistakes
Oh! I’ll tell it to you now; Oh! I’ll tell it from the top of my heart

   All Delighted People (Original Version), Sufjan Stevens

Cookies today; a deer in Steilacoom this summer; and a list E and M made for me on the art museum steps in August, 2010 (including: photographer, motorcyclist, mortician, bro).

I’m blogging, Alina’s laughing, and Madeleine is tearing up about how much she loves her Seattle library. This is school.

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I don’t care if it’s sentimental. This is the almost-flourless cake Molly Wizenberg calls the Winning-Hearts-and-Minds Cake, and I like the cake and I like the name. I wish to make it with good good butter and good good chocolate, but sometimes you have to make a cake just to make it, to go through the comforting, soothing routine of measuring, stirring, pouring, and smoothing. Tonight was one of those times, so I made it, and it’s cooling now, and I know tomorrow everyone will like it even if the butter and chocolate were cheap.

If you don’t bake, you can spend some time listening to Age of Adz. It’s another good soother.

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