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Next up.

A few weeks ago, I had my last shifts at JOE and the Kelly Writers House; last week, I graduated from Penn; and in three weeks, I move to the Pacific Northwest.


Last night, Ben and Nolan and I drank champagne in the backyard out of mason jars; then Ben and I walked down all of campus, pointing out all the important places and ending at the Button, sitting there for a long time, thinking.

This afternoon, I’ll drive Ben to the airport and put boxes in my parents’ car. I’m selling books and coffee equipment; giving away old clothes and unused makeup; stacking books to bring with me. As Ana told Jessica, I’m kind of going just to go, to go. I do have a job, a safety-net and an assurance; for that, I’m so grateful and I’m excited. It’s true, though, that I’ve picked Vancouver as somewhere new, from-scratch, and also kind and safe. I’m excited.

This week, I reread Gilead. I couldn’t believe how much of it mattered so much to me. This book nearly created me in some ways, and so it reflects the way I think and what I believe.

All that is fine, but it’s your existence I love you for, mainly. Existence seems to me now the most remarkable thing that could ever be imagined.
Marilynne Robinson, Gilead

Lamb Roast, April 2014 (taken by Janelle); Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas, March 2014.

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Snow day.

Happy 2014.

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We’re lucky to start a new genre — the epic, the novel, the blog. We and I are, though, still figuring out what it is and how to do it well.

I’ve taken hardly any pictures in the past two months. These span March through September of this year. No meaning, other than: Hmm.

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The following film contains scenes which may cause viewers of a sensitive disposition to cry, weep, sob, wail, howl, bawl, bleat or mewl.
a Virgin Airlines disclaimer, quoted in Why We Cry on Planes

When I can, I drive somewhere by myself far away and I cry while I drive, because I’m tired, not physically but entirely, and for a long time and come back and everything will be better.

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Last year I made a list of
8am meetings that seem TOO EARLY
10pm meetings
calling someone to come over RIGHT NOW
walking home from someone’s house at 3am
using words like “cray” in emails scheduling meetings
talking about laundry
not having eaten/weird meals
when everyone wears weird/unacceptable club/team/group clothing
when everyone sees the same shows
family replacement dinners
missing school over break
joyful reunions at the end of long weekends or one-week-long breaks
finals weeks fall and spring
when people bring you coffee
all the books ever at your library
people who like to read
people who are smarter thank you know/think/than they seem
breakfasts together

and fall
and learning
and so much beauty.

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