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“Hi! My name is Sufjan. History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.”
Sufjan Stevens, “Christmas Mysteries of the Chicken McNuggets as Explained by Macrobiotic Star People and Aunt Harriet’s Magic Ouija Board

For the last two days, Madeleine has been sending me Sufjan interviews, quotations, and stories. Sentences like these, reminiscent of when our father told a friend coming to visit that his four children were all named after the Q and highly sensitive about being called by the wrong number. Humor the best reminder of the ties of DNA.

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Tonight I’m catching up on emails and drinking hot chocolateand listening to Sufjan Stevens’ All Delighted People, an album with always increasingly complex questions and feelings every time I listen. I want to urge you to hear, absorb, and think. Lie on your back on your floor, close your eyes, and absorb music and lyrics. Listen.

It’s quiet at home. Madeleine’s gone back to school, antsy in the house that we were supposed to be out of by now. Snow and rain somewhere on this continent cancelled the trip we were supposed to make this morning. My plotted calendar and packed bag look like strange leftovers of a dream or an April Fool’s; cruel or funny, I’m not sure. I was eating brunch in South Philly as I should have been moving over clouds and mountains.

Go, now; listen, think, do some reading. I’ll be back here for you tomorrow.

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From the top of my heart.

. . . so lively shines
In them divine resemblance . . .
John Milton, Paradise Lost

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Merry Christmas.

   Joy to the World, Sufjan Stevens

And savor Christmas Eve, because it’s the best day of the whole entire year. I promise you.

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Gutsily, lustily, and with bravado.

So we sang at Sufjan tonight, welcoming the commercial Christmas season. This year, I’m surprised to find, I don’t mind Christmas starting early. I’ve already bought one Christmas gift and card, and I’ve liked seeing the red Starbucks cups and have delighted in the lights going up. Less Grinchy this year, I suppose.

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